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Studio 7 is actively involved in Master Planning of 890 Acres Township project for JSW Township in Bellary

Studio7 will be working together with Progetto CMR for the design and detailing of the building interiors for MARG Junction Mall.

Lakshana I & II Breaks Ground

Studio7 selected for Design-Build of Regional Training Institute Interiors for ONGC at Chennai

Studio 7 has prequalified as a PSU listed Architect for the design and PMC of a LEED rated Admin Building for BHEL at Pallikaranai, Chennai

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) Designed by Studio7 Consultants, achieves LEED GOLD Certification

Studio 7 is a Chennai based architecture consultancy firm that has strategic tie-ups internationally with firms such as Progetto CMR, Italy. TRF Guangzhou & CG Graphics, Beiling, China. Locally, the firm has strong ties with Marg Ltd, one of the largest infrastructure giants in the country.
Studio 7 Offers a wide range of services to owners, promoters, investors and the government with a focused & committed path. The firm offers a proactive approach towards Mutualistic Symbiotic architecture. "Symbiosis" was first defined by Heinrich Anton de Bary as the living together of unlike organisms and in this case, it is the building and its surrounding environment. Mutualistic Symbiotic architecture focuses on creating buildings that can co-exist with the natural setting by providing climate based design, green solutions, revitalization methods for neighborhoods, energy efficiency and solid waste management all by the use of infrastructure related architecture services. The firm is constantly researching methods to bring the best solutions for creating nature friendly architecture in order to reduce the depletion of natural resources caused by the building industry.
Studio 7, as the same implies has 7 main concentrations in the profession. The focus is architecture, urban design, interiors, infrastructure planning, landscape design, project management and environmental planning. The list of works undertaken ranges from IT parks, office & residential towers, corporate interiors to urban design for SEZ's, regional planning, campus design and master planning. The firm provides extensive research methods for solid waste management, cost effective materials for housing and study on growth of metropolitan cities for the betterment of our natural surroundings.